What We Do

Sphere Media Solutions is an international communications agency based in Izmir, Turkey.

Founded in 2018 by Engin Tatlibal, Sphere Media Solutions contributes public institutions and private companies in terms of PR and media visibility.

We prepare press releases for digital, print and broadcast media in Turkish and other languages -and ensure them to be published in target market’s media organs. Besides providing media solutions for many Turkish firms, our primary focus point is the foreign companies who are investing or intending to invest in Turkish market. Some of what we do for those companies are:

  • Preparing and implementing a media plan unique for your company by:
  • Preparing press releases and ensuring their publishing
  • Letting the market and domestic sector be aware of your presence in Turkey
  • Introducing you and your company to Turkish media by arranging meetings and press conferences
  • Conducting the media procurement processes -ads and advertorials
  • Writing, proofreading and publishing your brochures in Turkish language
  • Creating and implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects identifying with Turkey

With a deep experience in Turkish and international media, Sphere Media Solutions is ready for supporting the growth of your business in Turkey and elsewhere.